Jul 20, 2023

Two Indiana Back Roads That Feel Like Real

Wanna feel like a kid again in the back seat of your parent's car? Take a ride on these two Indiana roads that seriously feel like real-life roller coasters-HANG ON!

When I was a kid I always loved it when I would be in the car with my mom and we would be on a country road and it was super hilly. It always tickled my tummy and I would get so excited with anticipation for the next hill. Sometimes she would even take me driving on a Sunday afternoon just so we could find the hills.

When my older boys who are now 17 and 19 were little we would often go over to Santa Claus, Indiana to Holiday World. After we were finished at the park we made it a tradition to go to Santa's Candy Castle for a frozen hot chocolate and they would beg me to hit the hills on the way back home on State Road 245.

The boys loved that road so much and they would always scream with excitement right before each hill. I can still hear their giggles from the backseat. Our family continued this with our youngest two when we found another road in Indiana on our way home from Evansville. Actually, my husband, Joe, and I found it on date night. We love going to Evansville to eat or just shop and we always take the backroads through Spencer County on the way home. We turned down a random road so he could do a little deer spotting and we hit hilly road gold. I took my two littles down it this weekend and it was like reliving the past. They screamed and laughed and begged me to go back and do it again. It was so much fun listening to them laugh about it and then we called daddy to tell him.

The road is 300 S and you can get to it from 646 IN-161.

This road is so much fun. It has so many steep hills. The kids loved every single minute of the drive. Check out these hills!!!!

The first hill is one of those that sneaks up on you and then drops off.

Then let the fun begin!

This is such a blast.

And finally, you end it with a big giant hill and back to reality. It's always fun to see what's on the other side of these hills.

As always if you do take the drive be cautious and careful and wear your seat belts.