Jun 13, 2023

Deere completes lineup of P

John Deere has completed its Performance Tiering, or P-Tier, lineup of mid-size excavators with the addition of the new 135, 210, 245, 250, 300 and 345 models.

The mid-sized excavators join the 350 P-Tier and 380 P-Tier launched in March as well as the large 470, 670 and 870 P-Tier models unveiled in October.

"Every job site is different, and our customers want excavator options that can be personalized by performance, price and operator experience," said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager at John Deere Construction & Forestry.

The P-Tier mid-size models offer improved front-joint durability for better performance and operator stability. Grease points are at the arm-tip for easy greasing. Torque retention at the clamp has been improved, which the company says reduces the likelihood of the front hydraulic lines moving. Redesigned boom-foot bushings increase durability.

The P-Tier models can be equipped with factory-installed hydraulic plumbing to the end of the arm. With this option, coupler controls are also factory integrated into a switch in the cab. The machines can be equipped with a full line of buckets.

To lower daily operating costs, fuel economy has been increased 7% compared to previous models via electric on-demand cooling fans that reduce engine load, in-line aftertreatment for less restriction and system complexity, along with increased front piping diameter to increase hydraulic flow.

To further help save fuel during operation, some models are equipped with Auto-idle, which automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics are not in use. Auto-shutdown further conserves fuel, while the hydraulic reversing fan helps keep the coolers clean in high debris environments.

The company says the new P-Tier models were designed to provide optimal performance and easier serviceability.

Additional enhancements include a right, rear and left camera system and LED surround lighting, both integrated into the main monitor. The cameras provide the operator with a 270-degree view of the area around the machine.

Under the P-Tier designation more Deere excavators, including the 350 P-Tier, 380 P-Tier, and 470 P-Tier, will offer SmartGrade as a factory option and field upgrade kits. Customers can choose from 2D guidance, 3D guidance, 2D SmartGrade Ready Control, and SmartGrade 3D Control, including over-dig protection and in-cab real-time distance to the target. These grade management options allow customers to choose a level of technology that's right for them with the ability to upgrade, the company says.

A variety of trim packages are available on the P-Tier excavator models.

Deere first rolled out the new naming strategy last year on its mid-size wheel loaders. Under the new tiering system, Deere has dropped the letter at the end of the model's name that signified the machine's generation. In place of that letter is one of three letters meant to signify its performance and technology tier: a G, P, or X.

Each letter represents a set level of features, with G as the economy model; P includes advanced features, and the X-tier denotes the company's hybrid diesel-electric technology and most advanced features.