Nov 21, 2023

Dual Motor Rivian R1S Exceeds Brand's Range Estimates

The electric SUV will offer up to 351 miles per charge with the 135-kWh battery.

Official EPA documents highlighting the real-world test results for the recently announced Rivian R1S Dual Motor model have just been published to an online forum. As it turns out, the new Enduro drive unit models actually performed better than Rivian initially suggested, posting a maximum range figure of 351 miles per charge.

Rivian just recently announced that production of its Dual Motor R1T and R1S models was slated to begin this month. Up until this point, every Rivian model sold to the public has utilized the brand's quad-motor setup, which is constructed from components sourced from Bosch. In an effort to increase profitability long term, Rivian has been working to develop its own bespoke drive unit package for some time. Known as the Enduro drive unit, this package has already found a home in Rvian's electric delivery vans produced under contract with Amazon. Rivian initially estimated that the standard dual motor setup would provide R1S SUV customers with 600 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque, with a 700 hp and 700 lb-ft Enhanced Dual-Motor AWD system on offer. Range estimates were listed at 340 miles per change with the 135-kWh battery pack, with up to 400 miles per charge on offer from the larger 180-kWh pack that's coming later.

In practice, the figures are actually better than Rivian expected. The EPA documents specifically highlight an Enhanced Dual-Motor motor model, confirmed by the 708-hp output listed. The SUV was fitted with the 135-kWh battery. When equipped with the optional 20-inch wheels and all-terrain tires, the electric SUV can do up to 306 miles per charge, according to the documents. That figure jumps up to 341 miles per charge when you opt for the 22-inch wheels wrapped in street tires. The smaller 21-inch rollers bring the best range figure however, clocking in at 351 miles per charge. That's 11 more miles than Rivian initially anticipated, putting the R1S ahead of estimates for the lighter R1T pickup. That suggests that the truck will fare even better, which is exciting news for potential customers. Of course it doesn't hurt that the dual-motor Rivian models will be the first to qualify for any federal tax incentives, thanks to the vehicle's sub-$80,000 starting MSRP.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, associate editor Lucas Bell has spent his entire life surrounded by the automotive industry. He may daily drive an aging Mustang, but his Porsche 944 and NB Miata both take up most of his free time.

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