Sep 05, 2023

Manchester DPW Showing Off New 'Efficient' Bulldozer

MANCHESTER, CT — The Manchester Department of Public Works this week has been showing off a new bulldozer billed as a top performer in the industry in terms of economy.

The Cat D6 is equipped with an electric train, making it "more fuel efficient" with "less diesel fuel usage."

According to theCat website, The D6 is the world's first high drive electric drive bulldozer, offering up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency and increased agility compared to the previous 3-speed model.

It features a "next-generation electric" drive system that offers high performance along with added durability. Simplified diagnostics and the serviceability advantages of a high drive dozer help reduce service and maintenance costs, according to the company.

The D6 is powered by a 4-speed fully automatic transmission that provides increased productivity and up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency versus its 3-speed predecessor.

The fully automatic D6 reduces momentary hesitation when the traditional machine shifts, so more momentum and drawbar power are maintained through the entire push, according to the company. Caterpillar engineers designed the auto shift to work "up and down the entire working range, so power to the ground and fuel consumption are optimized for a greater percentage of the time." An added gear between first and second ensures more seamless shifting, according to the company.

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