Jul 24, 2023

Hamm premiers electric compactors and soil rollers at Bauma

Hamm is rolling out world premiers of its battery-powered compact rollers in October at the Bauma show in Germany, as well as revamped lines of its soil compactor models.

Tne Wirtgen subsidiary also says it will bring the world's first pivot-steered tandem rollers and the first electric compactor with oscillation.

Hamm will launch eight fully electric tandem asphalt compactors for its HD CompactLine series.

The company says the new battery-powered rollers will have the same operation and compaction performance as the coinciding diesel-powered models. The models’ lithium-ion batteries will also be able to run on a single charge "for an entire typical work day."

The 23 kWh battery is designed to be maintenance free and delivers 48 volts of onboard power. The company adds that energy released from the drive engine and vibration motors when braking is recuperated.

The company says it will also reveal the world's first electric roller with oscillation. The combination enables the roller to compact more quietly and with less vibration while emitting no pollutants.

Hamm will present another global first at the show. Its new HX series of tandem asphalt compactors features pivot steering and will replace its DV+ series.

Two models, the 7-metric-ton HX 70i and the 9-metic-ton HX 90i, are designed to compact large surfaces while pivot steering also enables them to compact on curves and other challenging spaces, the company says. They will become the company's new flagship compactors.

The split vibration and oscillation drums prevent cracks and bulges from forming in the asphalt, the company says. Versions are also available with non-split vibration and oscillation drums.

The HX series features automatic reversing, which quickly and smoothly brakes and accelerates the rollers and automatically turns the operator's seat in the travel direction, Hamm says.

In addition, Hamm placed a window on the cab floor so operators can see the drums.

The new HX models come with SmartCompact. Hamm says the operator only has to set the type of surface course – base, binder or asphalt – and it automatically determines whether to compact with vibration and sets the amplitude as well as whether it should compact with oscillation or statically. All the while it evaluates the physical properties of the asphalt, including its temperature or rigidity.

The system also incorporates local weather data with an integrated weather station. It uses all of the information to automatically set the individual drums.

Hamm's entire line of new HC soil compactors between 11 and 25 metric tons will replace the 3000 and H series and bring the machines under one name platform. They will begin rolling out this summer.

The HC compactors run on diesel engines ranging from 114 to 215 horsepower. Drum widths are 84.3 inches.

The rollers get a new exterior design with improved view over the engine hood. Models in the 18- to 25-metric-ton range won an iF Design Award in 2021.

The models boast a 15% boost in centrifugal force over previous models, and the static linear load is increased to 451.6 pounds per inch. A new cast articulated joint is designed to improve steering and swing angle. Increased weight combined with Traction Control improves their gradeability, Hamm says. The front vehicle and scraper have been redesigned to increase drum clearance and prevent material from accumulating on the drum. Fuel tanks are also increased to 88.8 gallons.

A new ECO mode helps reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions without a reduction in power, Hamm says. The cab has been increased 30% in size and noise and vibration reduced.

Standard features include LED lighting for working at night, a large additional mirror, and mirrors that can be adjusted from the cab. The new models are also compatible with Hamm's Smart Doc app, which displays key compaction parameters, compaction progress and logs measured rigidity and position data.

Hamm also plans to bring its compact rollers under the "HC" model name, replacing the H series. The new HC CompactLine ranges from 5 to 7 metric tons. Hamm says it has improved cab comfort and increased traction and gradeability. The compactors will also be available with the Smart Doc app.