Aug 24, 2023

Crossways: Bulldozers tear through Paignton shopping centre

The site has undergone a major part of it's long demolition plan.

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There are surreal scenes at Paignton's derelict Crossways as bulldozers tear through the iconic mall. If you've heard clanging and crashing in Paignton town centre, it's likely that the source of it has been coming from inside Crossways.

Once the jewel of Torbay traders and a hotbed for retail and entertainment, Crossways' heydays are now long in its past. Built in the late sixties, the site has welcomed celebrities like Richard Attenborough and hosted vibrant family businesses.

It is a much different site today with most of the shops being gutted with their fronts removed. Piles of rubble now sit in the walk ways.

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Though it is hoped that this sorry state will not last so long with planning permission passed for 90 new units to be built at the site. This will be made up of extra care accommodation for disabled people who can still live independently as well as regular housing and some more shops.

Project manager for the demolition, Paul Munro, has said the main demolition work is expected to last 26 weeks by which time the site will be cleared and ready for development.

Asbestos has had to be removed from all over the site before the main demolition, Mr Munro has said, but there has been some overlap once areas of the site have been cleared of asbestos to quicken the process.

Cllr Swithin Long, former Torbay cabinet member for Economic Regeneration, Tourism and Housing, said that the project was being funded by a range of different sources. A mixture of Adult Social Care money, Homes England Fund and a bit of the government's £13.36 m Future High Streets Fund are all going into Crossways.


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