May 21, 2023

Colfax County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 9:15 A.M.

REGULAR MEETINGJune 6, 2023AGENDAPUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Colfax County Board ofCommissioners will meet in Special Session on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 9:15A.M., in the Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor at the Colfax County Building,Raton, NM for the following:This agenda can be viewed at the Colfax County Website Call to Order2. Pledge of Allegiance3. Salute to the New Mexico Flag4. Approve Agenda5. Approve Public Hearing Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2023, SpecialMeeting Minutes for May 22, 2023, Budget Workshop Minutes for May22, 2023, and Regular Meeting Minutes for May 23, 20236. Recognize Visitors7. Public Comment8. Discuss/Action – Approve Expenditures9. Discuss/Action – Approve Expenditures Pursuant to Resolution #2022-4910. Discuss/Action – State of NM DFA Local Government Division DWIGrant Agreement Program No. 24-D-G-0511. Discuss/Action – Lease Agreement Between Colfax County and Citizensfor The Developmentally Disabled, Inc.12. Discuss/Action – Professional Services Contract FY 23-24-001,Agreement Between Colfax County and Eighth Judicial DistrictAttorney's Office13. Discuss/Action – Lease Agreement Between Colfax County and TheBoard of Education of The Mora Independent School District14. Discuss/Action – Lease/Professional Services Agreement BetweenColfax County and Teambuilders Behavioral Health15. Discuss/Action – Lease Agreement Between Colfax County and YouthHeartline16. Discuss/Action – Professional Services Agreement Between ColfaxCounty and M.R.S., Monitoring and Recovery ServicesPage 2 of 217. Professional Services Contract Between Colfax County and AbeBalsamo & Co18. Discuss/Action – Agreement for Inmate Confinement Between theCounty of Colfax and Roosevelt County19. Discuss/Action-Award RFB 2023-03, (2) New Wheel Loaders for RoadDept20. Discuss/Action-Award RFB 2023-04, (1) Tandem Grader for Road Dept21. Discuss/Action – Resolution 2023-16, A Resolution to Proclaim Extremeor Severe Drought Conditions Within Colfax County and To Ban theSale and Use of Certain Fireworks in The Unincorporated Portions ofThe County.22. Discuss/Action – Resolution #2023-17, Authorizing 75% Pick-up ofPERA Municipal General Plan 2 Member Contributions Effective July202323. Discuss Action – Resolution #2023-18, Authorizing 75% Pick-up ofPERA Municipal Police Plan 4 Member Contributions Effective July202324. Discuss/Action – Resolution #2023-19, Designating Election Places forAll Statewide Elections Conducted in 2024 and 2025 and AppointingBoard of Registration Members for The County25. Discuss/Action – Job Description, Wildland Coordinator26. Discuss/Action – Road Department Administration Building27. Discuss/Action – Road Department Storage Building at Eagle Nest28. Commissioners’ Docket29. Managers’ Docket30. AdjournDone this 24th day of May 2023Salute to the New Mexico Flag – "I salute the flag of the State of New Mexicoand the Zia Symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures."

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