Sep 29, 2023

Caterpillar launches 5 new backhoe loaders

Caterpillarhas introduced five new backhoe loader models operating in the 14 foot and 15foot (4.2 to 4.5 metre) size classes.

Building onthe Cat F2 Series backhoe loaders, the new line includes the Cat 415, 416,420, 420 XE and 430 models, which replace the 415F2, 416F2, 420F2, 420F2 IT and430F2 machines respectively.

The new backhoes offer similar model platforms throughout the line to deliver component commonality and operating similarities. The machines display the new Cat Trade dress and nomenclature, which removes model suffixes.

The backhoes are powered by the Cat C3.6 engine, which meets Tier 4 Final emission standards. The engine consists of a service-free Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission solution with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) for the 416 to 430 models. The 415 backhoe requires only the DPF to meet Tier 4 requirements, avoiding the need for DEF.

The newengine delivers up to 10 per cent improved fuel economy compared to the F2Series engine. All models in the new backhoe loader line feature standard4-wheel drive with rear differential lock for more traction in poor groundconditions.

The 420,420 XE and 430 models are available with selectable power management modes.This allows the choice of standard mode engine performance for increased fuelsavings or standard plus mode to boost machine performance by maximizingbackhoe implement speeds.

The modelsalso feature adjustable auxiliary hydraulic flow on the loader, so the operatorcan fine-tune machine hydraulics to power attachments like brooms and hydraulicangling snow pushes. The 420 to 430 models now come standard with powershifttransmission for easier on-the-go gear shifting and spring appliedhydraulically released (SAHR) parking brake.

All newmodels offer adjustable auxiliary hydraulic flow to the backhoe, so machinehydraulics can be fine-tuned to meet the operating specifications of hammer,thumb and auger attachments.

To increasemachine utilization, the new backhoe line may also be equipped from the factoryor as a field installed kit with an optional Integrated Tool Carrier (IT)loader coupler for fast tool changes. The backhoe loaders are compatible withF2 series attachments, eliminating the need to purchase new toolf, loweringoperating costs.

Offering remote data monitoring through VisionLink, the latest Cat Product Link comes standard on the new models to boost machine uptime. Customers can customize machine operating data gathered like fuel usage, scheduled service reminders and fault code alerts, to meet specific needs for improved fleet management.

New boom cylinders on the 420 XE, as well as the 420, offer up to 15 per cent more boom lift capability to elevate operating performance. Seat-mounted controls on the 420 XE swivel with the operator to control loader and backhoe functions for more ergonomic and comfortable operation.

This arrangement enables Dual Mode for more efficient machine repositioning. Dual Mode also allows the operator to sit at an offset angle while controlling the machine for improved visibility.

Built withsingle-tilt loader arms, the new 420 XE features electronic loader controls thatenable selectable parallel lift for increased material retention in loadingapplications. Programmable loader kickout and return-to-dig is easily set viathe LCD operator display with touchscreen control and takes the guess work outof the equation when loader height and bucket angle adjustments are critical.

Aredesigned operator display incorporates analog machine gauges with a colourLCD information display that is soft key controlled for simple navigation.Informational icon pop-ups offer quick navigation between operating modes,while full text diagnostic descriptions simplify machine troubleshooting andmaintenance.

As well, a redesigned security system disables the engine, transmission and hydraulic system until a valid passcode is entered via the LCD operator control screen or a machine-specific Bluetooth key is detected.

Like the F2 Series, pilot controls are standard on the 420 and 430 and optional on the 415 and 416 models. New seat controls and touchscreen LCD operator display are also now standard on the 420 XE.

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