May 15, 2023

Cat gears up to boost wheel loaders with the 995

Caterpillar's 994 wheel loader has been a leader in its size class since it was first introduced in 1990. Now the company is set to enhance its offering with a step up to the all new Cat® 995 Wheel Loader which it says will deliver more payload, more power and more performance while using less fuel. First shipments are expected in Q4 2023 with an official launch in the coming months.

The 995 builds on the success of the 994K model with the goal of achieving even higher efficiency and production. Compared to the 994K, Cat says the new 995 is up to 19% more efficient and up to 19% more productive, thanks to a higher rated payload, increase in hydraulic force and up to 20% reduction in hourly fuel consumption in Enhanced Eco Mode. Standard rated payload is 45.3 t for moderate to high digging resistance and 54.4 t for low to moderate. It also has 6% more hydraulic force than the 994K.

Using less fuel reduces engine emissions and carbon footprint; it's 3516E Tier 4 Final engine reduces NOx and particulate matter. It also has Engine Idle Shutdown, which saves fuel by making it possible to avoid unnecessary idling.

Efficiency focussed technology includes Tire Slip Prevention, which reduces rimpull when there is less downforce on the tyre and increases rimpull when there is more downforce on the tyre — providing maximum rimpull when you can use it. Lift Stall Prevention automatically applies the impeller clutch when necessary to prevent hydraulic stall when lifting up through the face — keeping the lift motion continuous, without excessive use of the impeller clutch.

It also offers an improved operator environment. Designed for visibility, it has a taller windshield that provides a 25% increase in glass surface area for a better view to the bucket, standard rear-view camera, optional Detect 270-degree cameras, standard LED lighting and six-mirror system. It also has improved access and egress, with integrated powered access system that can be raised and lowered from cab or ground.

Cat MineStar™ Terrain for loading provides real-time feedback on payloads and design plan progress to increases productivity and accuracy, reduce rework, enhance ore control and improve shift-to-shift operator performance.

These represent just a selection of the features of the new 995. Numerous other attributes have boosted its serviceability, operator assistance and confidence, safety and productivity not to mention the latest bucket and GET options and designs.