Jul 13, 2023

Best Roller Skating Rinks in Chicagoland

Dust off those old skates and get ready to hit the rink!

Whether you’re teaching the next generation one of the greatest ways to zip around a floor, picking up a fast-wheeled trick or two or simply reliving your own glory days (neon leg warmers, anyone?), here are four Chicagoland rinks worth taking a spin at.

This South Side rink has it all: roller skating, bowling and an arcade. While there's plenty to keep your kiddos occupied, the rink is the fun center's main attraction, and rightfully so! There's glow skate sessions on Saturdays and tons of special events on wheels, like the Princess and Fairy Breakfast Party Skate, Fun Character Skate and other themed skate sessions. Check their calendar to plan your next visit.

Feeling a bit shaky on 8 wheels? Fleetwood Roller Rink is a great fit for skaters of all abilities. Just steps away from the city proper, the kid-friendly classes on Saturday mornings welcome skaters of all age and skill ranges. Stop by, pick up some tips and get rolling in no time! Plus, the birthday party packages and frequent theme nights will have your little skaters begging to go back time and time again.

Open six days a week, Glenwood Roller Rink is home to some of the most artistic adult skaters, but that doesn't mean newbies should be intimidated. The rink offers family skate sessions and skating lessons for kids on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lynwood Sport Center's space took a star turn as the Sweetwater Roller Rink in the ‘70s coming-of-age (and disco-tastic) film, "Roll Bounce". When your wheels need a break from that beautiful new hardwood floor, take advantage of the 18-hole mini golf course (complete with a waterfall and fountains galore), the rock climbing wall or the sweet birthday party packages. Whether you’re a little rusty or just starting out, Lynwood's all-ages skating lessons are taught by national champs. (Not feeling the scrutiny of the public eye? No worries; they offer private lessons, too.)

Even if you aren't the sturdiest thing on two wheels, Chicago mainstays like The Rink will make you want to lace up and give it a go. (Especially if you recognized the rink from the 1997 film, "Soul Foo".) All-ages skating classes are followed up by Saturday afternoon family skates, but if you feel like leaving the kids at home, The Rink features skate times for the 30 and over crowd— the kind who’ll appreciate the Old School Hour and Throwback Tuesday's hip-hop greatness.

"Family owned and operated" is more than a tagline; it's a way of life for the Quitter family. Between their two rinks (the other one's in Glenwood), this family has been in business for more than 50 years. Day-to-day operations are run by Carey Westberg-Quitter, but his parents Marge and Ray—a famous pairs skating couple, now in their 80s—are still extremely active in the business, including tearing it up on the rink floor. Many of the rink's events and open skates are family-focused, and a strict adherence to clean lyrics — even during Teen Nights — ensures their stellar reputation will continue for years to come.

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