Aug 28, 2023

4 Giant Bulldozers and a Decepticon

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Remember when you were a kid and thought giant bulldozers as the coolest thing ever? Menacing in stance but friendly in nature, these titans are here to help and build, not destroy. Let us look at some of the biggest bulldozers of today.

The TD-40E is Dressta's headline act: its heaviest and most powerful crawler dozer. This 73.8t brute is up for any job, no matter how tough- emboldened by its 515hp flywheel power. Despite its 13.8ft height and 10ft width, this machine offers a comfortable, quiet, and pressurized cab with a large glass area providing a clear and direct vision of both the blade and the ripper.

In fifth is the Liebherr PR 776 Litronic, an 80 ft giant crawler with a blade suited for heavy-duty ripping, transporting materials, and grading. Its diesel engine that outputs 668 HP makes tough mining and extraction a breeze and ensures adequate power to handle any situation.

Representing China in fourth place is the Shantui SD90-C5- a monster weighing over 116t and equipped with either a semi-U-blade or a U-blade attachment. This flagship mining dozer provides its operator with 962 HP on demand, thanks to its Cummins QST30 electronic control engine. To meet EU regulations, the SD90-C5 is designed with a noise-isolating cab that lowers parotid noise to 80db.

With 1040 HP in its arsenal, the Komatsu D475A-8 provides the perfect blend of speed, power, and excellent productivity. This big boy is one of the world's largest production bulldozers on the market and measures 37 ft in length, and 15.7 ft in height. Its blade capacity allows for the movement of almost 45 cubic yards per load.

In second lines up the Caterpillar D11T CD, a colossal workhorse on weekdays and flamboyant movie star on the weekend. This 124-ton behemoth has a high tensile strength steel blade that can handle up to 57 cubic yards of material. Also provided is a purpose-built mainframe designed to absorb high-impact shock loads and twisting forces. This 35 ft long dozer played the part of Rampage in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a role apt for Caterpillar's largest ever.

The D11T CD is beaten by the ACCO Super Bulldozer, built from Caterpillar and custom-adapted parts. This machine, weighing more than three M1 Abrams battle tanks, was intended for land development in Libya in the early 1980s but was never deployed due to a trade embargo preventing its export. Two 675 Caterpillar engines placed horizontally opposed provide a combined output of 1350 HP to power the leviathan and its matching 23 ft wide giant blade.

The next time you see one of these badass big boys, give them a friendly little wave unless it is the D11T CD, in which case you ought to have your autograph book and a pen ready.

The TD-40E Liebherr PR 776 Litronic Shantui SD90-C5- a Komatsu D475A-8 Caterpillar D11T CD The D11T CD