Jul 26, 2023

10 Best Velcro Rollers for a Voluminous '90s Blowout

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Bigger is better.

I’m happy to announce that the ’90s blowout trend seems to be sticking around. While I spent most of the early aughts furiously straightening my hair with a flat iron on full blast, it seems like nowadays, bigger is better. Whether you’ve mastered wielding a round brush and blow dryer around your head for a classic blowout, or you’ve opted for a blow dryer brush like the coveted Dyson Airwrap, you need to start incorporating velcro rollers into your styling routine.

All over TikTok, voluminous-haired people are obsessed with the results they get from using velcro rollers. "Velcro rollers help add volume and body to your crown and hair. They help to achieve that added lift you get with professional blowouts at home on your own!" says celebrity hairstylist Ardree Merriweather. Here, find the 10 best velcro roller sets you need to use ASAP.

Styling bangs can be such a hassle, but using these Velcro rollers can make it so much easier. Whether you want to give your curtain bangs extra oomph or add a little volume to your fringe, these rollers are there to get the job done.

Ulta rating: 3.4/5 stars

An Ulta reviewer says: "First-time hair roller purchase! These were so simple and easy to use."

It can be difficult–not to mention time-consuming–to put long hair in velcro rollers. But this set not only contains 36 rollers, but also clips that help keep hair in place. Once they’ve set, you’ll be left with wow-worthy volume.

Amazon rating: 4.2/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "I bought these after watching a YouTube video on adding volume to your hair, and these really work. I use the larger ones around the crown of my head after drying my hair, spray a little styling spray, and leave them in for about 15 mins. The result is amazing!"

Traditionally, rollers are added after the hair is dried to increase volume and allow a blowout to set. These rollers were created to be used on damp hair. Roll your hair into a velcro roller, and hit each one with a blow dryer to allow them to dry. When you take them out, your style will last for days.

Ulta rating: 3.1/5

An Ulta reviewer says: "I like these rollers very much. I recommend them!"

If you’re taking a weekend trip out of the city, you don't need to leave your volume at home. These velcro rollers let you style your hair easily wherever you go, thanks to the nifty carrying pouch they come in.

Amazon rating: 3.7/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "They stay in place and are easy to use."

If you haven't gotten into velcro rollers yet, this set of nine might be the perfect place to start. These are extra-grippy rollers, so you don't need to invest in hair clips to keep them in place. Plus, they also come with a bag so you can keep them organized and in one place.

Amazon rating: 4.2/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "Using the rollers is a bit of work, but the look you get is worth it, and my hair is so much healthier and softer than it used to be."

Tired of constantly running out of rollers mid-styling? This set comes with a whopping 46 rollers of various sizes, so you never have to worry about that again. This is a great set for anyone with long, thick hair.

Amazon rating: 4/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "I got these initially when I cut my hair so I could have it all curly and voluminous like the ’70s hair. It was a lot easier to use than I was expecting, and my curls held for a few days."

Creating volume is one thing; creating volume that lasts is another. This set of rollers makes it easy to add a boost to the roots of your hair, giving extra bounce and body to even limp, fine hair.

Ulta rating: 4.2/5 stars

An Ulta reviewer says: "This is a great tool for styling my hair. I really like the quality!"

We love a bouncy '90s wave as much as anyone, but if you want to create curls, this set has you covered. This kit contains very narrow velcro rollers, which is exactly what you need to create tighter curls. You can also use them to style short hair and bangs, if you wish.

Amazon rating: 4.2/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "Compact for travel, plenty of sizes. They do wrap easily and don't tangle hair. Easy to remove. Comfortable and safe to use with good curl results."

If you want your blowout to last even longer, you need to incorporate these velcro rollers into your routine. After finishing a pass with your round brush, roll the strand into these rollers and let the hair cool. You'll be in love with the long-lasting results!

Amazon rating: 4.2/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: "I was told by my hairdresser that these rollers are great in styling hair, and I must agree. They worked fine for me. I like them!"

"Velcro rollers help add volume and body to your crown and hair," says Merriweather. "They help to achieve that added lift you get with professional blow-outs at home, on your own!"

"Section the hair at the crown of the head into 1-3 inches or so sections to avoid adding too much hair to each roller," says Merriweather. "Adding too much hair will affect your final outcome and weigh down the roller. Be sure to comb through so the hair is smooth and free of tangles before using the roller. Start from the ends of the hair and roll upwards away from the face."

It is also important to consider the size of the rollers you are using. "If you want to set and curl or add definition to your hair, you want to use smaller rollers. If you want body and fullness, use larger rollers," adds Merriweather.

"Starting from the ends, roll up, and once up top, press them down into your hair and next to the other rollers to stick to each other," says Merriweather. "If you need extra support, you can use Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips to keep them in place, although the Velcro should allow them to stick on their own as the gentle self-grip material allows rollers to stay in place without clips while preventing pulling and damage to hair."

"About five minutes during the cool down period but up to ten to ensure the best results," says Merriweather. "Normally, when you use rollers, you’re doing so while you blowout your hair, so once your blowout is complete and ready to shake out, you take the rollers out and shake the blowout all together."

Ardree Merriweather is a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles. He also works as an Education Consultant at Drybar.

Tatjana Freund is ELLE's Beauty E-Commerce Writer. She has interviewed countless haircare professionals, and is always testing out new and trending hair tools.

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