Oct 30, 2023

These are the most common issues with skid steer loaders

Skid steer loaders are one of the more versatile pieces of heavy equipment out there. Whether it's demolishing an old structure, clearing snow or handling feed, they’re a jack-of-all-trades — and master of all of them.

However, even the most useful pieces of equipment can run into problems.

Fortunately, being aware of some of the most common issues with skid steer loaders can help you prevent them from occurring and resolve them if they do.

Final drive issues

A final drive motor is one of the most crucial parts of your heavy equipment. Having a machine without one is the equivalent of having a computer monitor without a central processing unit. A few essential ways you can keep your final drive running well include:

 Monitoring fluid levels

 Lubricating final drive gears

 Regularly cleaning your machine's undercarriage

 Replacing machine filters

Additionally, catching minor issues before they become develop further is the best way to avoid irreparable damage. Instituting regular inspections and training your operators to detect final drive issues is the key to this.

Faulty steering

Not being able to steer a 7,500-pound piece of machinery properly can be a terrifying situation for everyone involved. And this issue can occur when you have an issue with your skid steer loader control system.

If you find your machine isn't turning correctly, start by checking that the connections and wires in the system are correctly attached and not loose. Otherwise, examine your system's safety switches for malfunctions.


It's easy to see rust on the outside of a skid steer as a minor or purely cosmetic issue. However, if you leave it unchecked, corrosion can cause deterioration of essential machine parts, such as engine components and even rubber seals and hoses.

Be sure to monitor your machine when working with snow, road salt and fertilizer. Cleaning equipment regularly will help prevent accumulating debris. You can also utilize corrosion inhibitors on your machinery.

Skid steer loaders are incredibly valuable, but only when they’re functional. Fortunately, by keeping on top of regular machine maintenance, you can help prevent issues and get the most out of your equipment.

Final drive issues Faulty steering Corrosion