Jul 13, 2023

The Roller Wave finds New Home at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Mall

Black-owned roller skating business The Roller Wave's newest pop-up finds a home just in time for Black History Month.

The business is set to open a 9,000-square-foot rink in Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal Mall to celebrate the influence of Black culture on the historic rise of Brooklyn's roller disco scene. The celebration begins on Feb. 11 and continues until June 4.

The Roller Wave was founded in 2016 by Brooklyn native Harry Martin to share his passion for roller disco and bring back the classic New York pastime. Since its founding, the business has hosted many popular pop-up events across the country, including places around New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. However, Brooklyn has always been its home, and Martin is happy to bring The Roller Wave back home during this month of Black culture celebrations.

"Mid-century black Americans laid the groundwork for the evolution of roller skating," Martin said in a press release. "We are very excited to put the spotlight back on the Brooklyn community, and Atlantic Terminal Mall is the perfect epicenter to celebrate the community in an authentic and innovative way."

The Roller Wave credits the success of its events to the genuine love people have of the history and culture of roller disco. With Brooklyn being an epicenter for roller disco in the ‘70s, the business expects nothing less from its Atlantic Terminal Mall pop-up.

Skaters of all ages who attend can expect a tribute to the roller disco scene of the past with a modern twist. There will be live DJs and musicians, food and drink, an arcade, a live podcast space and a VIP section. The food and drink options will be provided by Buds 2 Roses Café and Union Square Events. The pop-up will also host a handful of family and community programs, including skating lessons and wellness classes.

The Roller Wave will be open Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 10 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m to 2 a.m. All ages are welcome until 8 p.m. and adults only afterward.

Atlantic Terminal Mall is located at 625 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, New York, and The Roller Wave will be located between Old Navy and Party City.

Prices for tickets are $19.50 plus a $10 skate rental fee for adults and $14.50 plus a $5 skate rental fee for children. Tickets can be purchased at The Roller Wave website at