Mar 17, 2023


As Link-Belt heads into its 149th year in business, the company unveiled a new line of excavators at ConExpo designed to let operators tailor the controls to suit their needs.

Link-Belt says the new excavators also achieve a 5% increase in cycle times, a 17% increase in horsepower and a 19% improvement in fuel economy over the previous X4 models.

The five-model X4S Series includes a new class size for Link-Belt with the 22-ton 190 X4S. The company also displayed a premium model 24.5-ton 220 X4S with Link-Belt's latest technology as standard.

Rounding out the series are the 19.5-ton 170 X4S, the 28-ton 260 X4S and the 34-ton 300 X4S – all of which are now available in the U.S. and Canada.

(To watch a walk-around of the 190 X4S, check out the video at the end of this article.)

"The biggest thing that we changed on the new X4S models is we really tried to focus on what the operator can do with the machine and get them more involved with it," said Chris Wise, LBX general manager for marketing, in debuting the excavators at Link-Belt's booth. "And what that means is not only do we make the cab more comfortable – creature comforts, a larger monitor so the operator can see more what's going on – we're giving them more options than we ever had before as far as customizations."

Operators can change functionality on the monitor and customize the joystick buttons to match the task or their operating style. They can also change hydraulic priorities. They can put priority on such things as arm and swing or arm-in, boom-up, depending on the job. "We've never given them that level of customization before," Wise said. "We're really excited that we're able to offer that now."

Along with customizable controls and hydraulic flow, the WAVES (Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System) gives a 270-degree birds-eye view of the excavator's surroundings. Other new tech include Dynamic Stability Control for more precision and smoother operation; Payload, Height and Depth Alarm, which lets the operator set a "floor" and "ceiling" that the excavator arm cannot go past for increased safety; and Precision Grade on select models.

The excavators also come with Trimble-ready components for those who want to plug in to aftermarket machine-control systems. And they get four new work modes, including eco mode for saving fuel.

The cabs get a standard high-back seat with air, tilt and heat, as well as adjustable pivoting armrests, headrests, seat height and lumbar support.

The 190 X4S represents a new class size for Link-Belt at 41,700 pounds.Equipment WorldDuring a walkaround of the 190 X4S at ConExpo (see the video below), Wise pointed out that the excavator marks a new class size for the company, between its 19.5-ton 170 X4S and 24.5-ton 220 X4S models.

"We're hearing a lot more from our operators and customers that … are wanting that machine that has the quickness and the nimbleness of like a 170 size, but a little more lift capacity and a little stronger undercarriage for stability. So the 190 has that."

With the upper structure of a 170, it gets a heavier counterweight than the smaller model and heftier undercarriage for increased stability. "It seems like it's that perfect steppingstone for a contractor who's evolving his business from the smaller machines that they start off with," he says. "… They still want it to be fuel efficient, and they still want to have power. But stability is kind of the name of the game for this one. And this kind of is that perfect balance of both."

It runs on a 4-cylinder, 120-horsepower Yanmar engine. The aftertreatment requires a diesel particulate filter, but Wise said it's a low-maintenance DPF with a 6,000-hour service interval.

Features on the 190 X4S, as well as the other new excavators in the series, include:

To watch Equipment World's walk-around of the 190 X4S, check out the video below:

The following chart gives the top specifications for each of the new models in the X4S Series:

The top specs for Link-Belt's new X4S Series.Link-Belt