May 06, 2023

Hyundai debuts its ‘true two

Hyundai Construction Equipment has introduced the HL985A, its largest capacity A Series wheel loader model, which offers a standard 7 cubic metre bucket.

Introduced at ConExpo, the HL985A is designed for use in high-production jobs such as quarrying, aggregates and other mass-volume material handling applications.

"We refer to the HL985A as a ‘true two-pass’ wheel loader because it can fill one of our HA30 articulated dump trucks with two bucket loads," said Joe Turnage, Senior Product Manager for Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas.

"With the addition of the HL985A, the Hyundai wheel loader line includes models that fulfill the needs of every important wheel loader application. At the same time, like every A Series wheel loader model, the new Hyundai HL985A provides the combination of power, performance, fuel efficiency, and operator safety and comfort that successful contractors expect from Hyundai."

The Hyundai HL985A wheel loader is powered by a 430-hp Cummins X12 Performance Series engine. The engine provides optimum power and torque, while maintaining fuel efficiency and meeting Tier 4 Final and Stage 5 emissions standards.

"Our customers tell us they appreciate that our A Series wheel loaders do not use exhaust gas recirculation because it is not necessary to do periodic shutdowns," said Turnage.

Powered by a ZF 5-speed transmission, the loader is equipped with heavy-duty ZF axles with wet outboard brakes and coolers are standard equipment.

Standard with the HL985A bucket is a three-piece bolt-on cutting edge and an auto-level feature that helps prevent bucket spillage. Also, a heavy counterweight enhances the machine's stability.

The Hyundai HL985A offers Smart Power Mode as a standard feature, which reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the engine speed in heavy-duty applications. This can save fuel while balancing traction and breakout forces to improve productivity.

As well, Hyundai's Eco Gauge enables the operator to monitor fuel consumption in real time or to review historical data. Eco Gauge also displays engine torque, fuel efficiency, average and total fuel consumed. Hourly and daily fuel consumption is viewable through the menu.

The wheel loader is available with the Hyundai All-Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system. Now enhanced with radar, the AAVM system includes four cameras, providing 360-degree views, and incorporates motion detection for enhanced operator and jobsite safety.

For high-volume, material-handling applications that require monitoring and reporting the weight of materials loaded or moved, Hyundai's enhanced, proprietary onboard weighing system is accurate to within one per cent and includes a cumulative weighing function that facilitates the creation of production reports.

The Electro-Hydraulic (EH) control system improves precision and ease of operation. The EH control lever simplifies attachment operation with integrated, third-spool proportional auxiliary control. The loader is asl equipped with a heated air-ride seat; cab heater and air conditioner; rearview camera; electronically adjustable, heated and foldable rearview mirrors; AM/FM radio with Bluetooth; and a 15 cm multi-function monitor and control panel.

For operator convenience, consolidated service drains and the diesel exhaust fluid tank spout are located on the right side of the wheel loader. Furthermore, the hood opens and closes via an electronic control.

Dual battery boxes and swing-out cooling package are easily accessible, while the in-cab HVAC system filter is within reach for removal and replacement.

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