Jun 28, 2023

Evolution Bikes launches petition after Vincent council orders roller shutters at business to be torn down

The owner of Evolution Bikes has launched a petition calling for "impartial" community support after City of Vincent council decided to not approve two roller shutters protecting his business from break-ins.

Anthony Hart has launched an online petition in light of a council decision last month where councillors approved an existing roller shutter on the doorway of his business but told him he had to take down the two roller shutters on the windows within six months due to incompatibility.

His petition has garnered 390 out of 500 signatures needed so far which he said will will assist him as part of the State Administrative Tribunal process in appealing the City's decision.

"We will soon be heading off to the SAT to get the decision reviewed and would love to go armed with evidence of the true and impartial view of the community," Mr Hart said.

"We felt the need to empirically capture the viewpoint of the community at large, and clearly show the level of support there is for what we have done for this building in particular, and the wider community in general."

Mr Hart said he didn't have the financial resources to "fight" the city but wanted to show through the petition how the community felt regarding the council's recent decision.

"We have drawn upwards of 20,000-plus different individuals to this area in the five and a half years we have been operating, significantly contributing to the community in general and this specific area in particular," he said.

Anthony Hart opened his business at 334-336 Beaufort Street in 2017 and found two windows on-site fronting the strip already boarded up with wood panelling, while a roller shutter at the entrance was installed before 2007.

Mr Hart removed the panelling as soon as he took occupancy of the site but it wasn't until the end of 2021 that he decided to spend $5000 installing two black roller shutters after his business had been broken into five times, losing thousands of dollars in stock as well as having to repair shattered windows.

He was then forced by the City to submit a development application in October last year for installing the two roller shutters — as well as the third roller shutter even though it was already in place — after a compliance investigation was undertaken.

"Crime is unfortunately a regular part of life in this little corner of the world, specifically out of daylight hours, but also even within them," Mr Hart said.

Mr Hart said he was yet to start the SAT process but he had 28 days to submit his appeal.

"I’m working with getting some legal assistance on this as it can be a complicated and convoluted process, and I want to ensure our appeal is lodged correctly to ensure the tribunal is reviewing the appropriate decision," he said.