Oct 14, 2023

Bobcat launches new T86 compact track and S86 skid

Bobcat has launched the new T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader in its R-series of compact loaders, with more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than previous models.

"We’re expanding our equipment lineup to support our customers’ most challenging jobs," says Jorge De Hoyos, Bobcat senior product manager for loaders. "With these compact loaders delivering more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than ever before, we are empowering customers to accomplish even more." With boosted horsepower, and optimized machine weight, the T86 and S86 loaders are designed for strong breakout force, and tight maneuverability.

The T86 compact track loader has an operating weight of 12,393 pounds, with a rated operating capacity (ROC) at 3,800 pounds. The S86 skid-steer loader comes in a little lighter at 9,728 pounds, with a ROC of 3,550 pounds.

Both the T86 and S86 run at 105 hp., and have head to bucket hinge pins at 132 inches.

The T86 and S86 have increased attachment versatility over previous models, each engineered to maximize hydraulic potential. The models have three hydraulic flow options:

In addition to hydraulic upgrades, the T86 and S86 have cast steel lift arm sections for increased weight capabilities.

Bobcat's small, seven-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip control functions without the need for mechanical relays. The T86 has more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than before with 105 hp. and 3,800 pounds of rated operating capacity.

The cab is roomy, with a heated air-ride seat, automatic heat and air conditioning, ergonomic controls, and displays designed for easier machine operation. It is designed for a low-noise, low-vibration environment, with a one-piece sealed cab, and the quieter cooling system.

The R-series models have had their cooling systems revamped with a larger, higher capacity radiator and cooling fan. The increased capacity allows the fan to cool at a quieter, energy-efficient, and slower rotation. The machines also include a reversible fan, larger auxiliary hydraulic hoses and tube lines, and heavy-duty steel louvers.

The triple-flange, rear idler, and optional five-link torsion suspension undercarriage help to reduce vibration in the cab as well.

The joystick has multiple sensitivity options for lift and tilt functions to match the user's preference. The operator can choose between slower and smooth movements for precision, or faster lift and tilt speeds.

Rearview cameras come standard on the T86 and S86.

These machines are compatible with Machine IQ, Bobcat's remote monitoring system intended for tracking a single machine or organizing a whole fleet. From the Machine IQ app, owners can track machine health information including maintenance alerts, security, and performance stats.

With MaxControl, owners can remotely operate machines or create geofences for object avoidance during semi-autonomous operations.